Step your stream up to the next level

Over 65,000 hours streamed!

Your own one-person broadcast

Turn your IRL stream into a full live broadcast with overlays, stream drop protection, and much more!

Full access to OBS in the cloud including scenes, text, images, media, and browser sources.


Never drop again

Tired of losing your hosts and dealing with split vods? When your ingest stream drops, we'll display your customized be right back (BRB) message to your viewers and keep your stream running.

Make it your own

Customize your server with whatever graphics/overlays you want, anything that OBS supports.

Super simple setup

Go live in just a few clicks with our Twitch integration through our destination manager.

Easy ingest

Our servers accept any RTMP or SRT (H.264 / H.265) ingest source with unlimited bitrate. You can have multiple ingests for Picture in Picture (PiP) or switching between cameras.

Exquisite quality

IRLToolkit servers are designed for full HD 1080p60 streaming to any supported platform. All plans run with dedicated NVIDIA Turing (RTX) or better GPUs.

Centralized management

Manage your OBS server entirely through our dashboard. No need to download any remote management software.

IRLToolkit Dashboard

Revolutionary dashboard

Our web dashboard is the best in the business. Feature-rich and intuitive, you can monitor and control your broadcast on the fly.

Twitch chat bot

Use our Twitch chat bot to get alerts when you lose bitrate. You or your trusted moderators can manage all of the critical aspects of your server from simple chat commands. (command permissions customizable on request)

IRLToolkit Twitch Chat Bot

What our users say


$129 / mo

  • Max resolution: 1080p 60fps
  • Max output bitrate: 7500Kbps
  • Twitch chat bot for alerts and commands
  • Web dashboard for full control of your stream
  • Powered by NVIDIA Turing (RTX) GPUs
  • No setup fee, cancel or resub anytime
  • Single RTMP/SRT ingest
  • Can push RTMP to any destination
  • Single concurrent destination/platform
  • Standard support

$179 / mo

  • Max resolution: Uncapped
  • Max output bitrate: Uncapped
  • Twitch chat bot for alerts and commands
  • Web dashboard for full control of your stream
  • Powered by NVIDIA Turing (RTX) GPUs
  • No setup fee, cancel or resub anytime
  • Multiple RTMP/SRT ingests (by request)
  • Can push RTMP to any destination
  • Stream to multiple concurrent destinations/platforms (by request)
  • Priority support
Custom Solutions

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  • Custom broadcast automation and tools
  • High performance graphics workflows
  • Cloud-based livestream transport/distribution
  • VOD archival and rebroadcasting
  • Custom platform integrations platforms
  • Dedicated broadcast/event support services

About IRLToolkit

Created out of a need for higher quality, lower cost IRL streaming services, our OBS server products have been through years of constant development and testing to be as reliable and easy to use as possible. Trusted by familiar streamers like DailyDasher, PaymoneyWubby, and CookSux. We take pride in our cloud-based servers being the most reliable and feature-rich IRL server offering available.

As part of our mission of furthering the streaming community as a whole, we actively contribute code to both OBS Studio and the obs-websocket plugin. By subscribing to IRLToolkit, you help us give back to the OBS Project and support the entire OBS Studio ecosystem.